FAQ’s & Knowledge Center

FAQ’s & Knowledge Center

Mutual Fund Concepts

+ What is a Mutual Fund?

+ What is the advantage to the economy?

+ What are the advantages to the investing public?

+ What is a Repurchase / Redemption?

+ What is a Load?

+ What is CDSC?

+ Why one should invest in a Growth Fund?

+ How to measure the performance of a fund?

+ What Are The Various Types Of Growth Funds?

+ Is it safe to invest in Mutual Funds?

+ Whether mutual funds can assure returns?

+ What is a Systematic Investment Plan?

+ What is systematic withdrawal plan?

+ Why there is no assurance from Mutual Fund?

Investing Fundamentals

+ What is investing?

+ What investing is not?

+ Why bother investing?

+ What is compound interest and why is it magical?

+ Benefits of starting early

+ Investing is all about knowing yourself

+ Defining investment objectives is critical

+ Importance of time

+ Knowing your personality

+ Putting it all together: your risk tolerance

Portfolio construction fundamentals

+ The Risk Return trade-off

+ Diversification

+ Rupee cost averaging

+ Asset allocation