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Whether you’re an active investor, a diligent saver or your financial situation has taken a sudden change, Yottol’s Financial Advisor, Intermediary and Referral Network will help you get a clear view on the present and a strong plan for the future.

Financial Advisors, Intermediaries and Referers on our network have the required skills, qualifications and experience to provide the right kind of advice.


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Our Advisors

Satya Raval
Referral Partner

  • Ahmedabad
  • AUM: 10+ Crs | CLIENTS: 100+

Areas of Advice

-Mutual Funds, Bonds, Insurance

Client Feedback


Satya came into our lives when our financial situation could not have been worse. We are all messed up and were making collosal mistakes and had a terrible investing experience. He changed all that. All good!


Milan Shah

  • Rajkot
  • AUM: 1+ Crs | CLIENTS: 50+

Areas of Advice

-Mutual Funds, Bonds, PMSs & AIFs

Client Feedback


We are in no doubt that the decisions we have made as a direct result of our regular and insightful reviews with Milan have made a significant contribution to the increasing value of our portfolio.


Amrita Singh

  • Delhi
  • AUM: 50+ Lacs | CLIENTS: 30+

Areas of Advice

-Mutual Funds, Equities

Client Feedback


She is the best in business. We are fortunate to find an Advisor who not only is good, but also a wonderful human being. We feel safe and happy with our financial choices.



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Why Most People Fail at Financial Planning!

The Wealth Management Formula.

All the financial advice you’ll ever need.

Role of a Financial Advisor.

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