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      Open For Investment: Yes

    Investment Details

  • One Time Investment- Fresh: Rs.
    One Time Investment- Additional: Rs.
    Minimum Redemption Ammount: Rs.
    SIP- Fresh: Rs.
    SIP- Additional: Rs.
    SIP- Minimum No. of Installments:
    SIP Frequency:
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    Performance Statistics

    Absolute Returns (in %)

    Year Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Annual

    Fund returns v/s Category average () (in %) Returns over 1 year are annualised

    Mtd 1M 3M 6M 1Yr 3Yr 5Yr
    Fund vs. Category
    Category Best
    Category Worst
    Fund vs. Benchmark

    Statistical Analysis

    Probable SIP Returns for 10 Years

    For monthly investment of Rs. 1000 each month

    Possible Future Path of Fund Price

    A Monte Carlo simulation to estimate
    the range of possible future fund price.)

    Correlation to Broad Markets

    (If correlation is close to 100, that means the fund and the
    market benchmark moves with similar quantities either up or down.)

    Fund Statistical Characteristics (Risk)


    Standard Deviation (in %)

    (This indicates the possible price decline of a fund in a particular year.)

    0 0

    Tracking Error (in %)

    (Helps in identifying how different the fund manager is against his universe of investments. More different, more tracking error.)

    0 0

    Information Ratio

    (Indicates a fund managers’ stock selection capabilities. Higher the better.)

    0 0

    Fund Statistical Characteristics (Return)

    Sharpe Ratio

    (The return created by the fund for a unit of risk)

    0 0


    (Negative means fund returns most days are negative and vice versa.)

    0 0


    (The higher the number, more stable or close to zero are the fund returns.)

    0 0

    Beta to Benchmark

    (The expected movement of the fund return compared to the benchmark. For Eg. If benchmark returns are 1% for a day and fund returns are also 1% for the same day, then beta of the fund is 1.00)

    0 0

    Distribution of Returns

    (This chart is a graphical representation of how
    fund returns are distributed. Good funds have
    more of their daily returns in the middle.)